jme (unionsongs) wrote in vaginapagina,

ocella questions. again.

Okay, so here is a question about this whole Yaz/Yasmin/Ocella nonsense that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Is there a point in time where you've been taking it long enough that complications are no longer a worry? I was on Yaz for about a year and a half and then switched to Ocella with absolutely zero problems and only good things to say. Also, my rudimentary medical understanding is that the elevated potassium levels Yaz and friends can possibly cause slows your heart rate which equals more chances for blood clots to form. So, normal bloodwork=no problems? I'm a 21 year old non-smoker so I'm probably in the lowest of the low risk groups, but sometimes it's hard not to be a hypochondriac. 
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