MissHXG (misshxg) wrote in vaginapagina,

I just wanted to play with my clitoris..

I was playing with my pocket rocket yesterday and as I was rubbing it against my clit, I had this strange pain in my pelvis area.  I was about to orgasm so I tried not to think about it, and when I did orgasm, the pain was actually pretty painful.  I've never felt this type of pain before.  Let me try to describe it..  It's like a line from my clitoris, up to the bottom right of my belly button.  It's just a line of pain.  It's been feeling okay.  I might be thinking about it too much, but it has been slightly throbbing (not painful, but bothersome and weird) in the past 24 hours.  At first I thought maybe I pushed some bacteria up into my urethra and is getting a UTI or something.  Maybe I irritated the tube that runs from the bladder to the urethra?  But I don't have any UTI symptoms.  I'm taking my cranberry supplements anyways.  Hopefully it will be completely gone by tomorrow.
Does anyone know what this weird feeling "line" could be?  I don't want to worry about masturbating =(  That would suck..
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