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So, I haven't shaved down there in about 5 years...until today. I tried today, and ended up #1 cutting a large mole (like, the size of a pencil eraser) that I had forgotten about (I looked like I was on the rag, it bled so much), and #2 leaving short stubbly hairs on the inner-side of the outer labia.

So I have some questions for all of you VPers:

A.) Shave gel, soap, shampoo, or hair conditioner for the lubrication? I have numerous chemical allergies so can't just go buy something unless it very explicitly lists its ingredients, and I definitely can't have ANYTHING with fragrance/parfum/perfume in it. I tried three things tonight: conditioner, shampoo, and shave gel.

B.) How do you get a really SMOOTH shave on the parts that are hard to get to or hard to see? I was srsly standing with one foot on the counter, a mirror on the edge of the counter so I could see everything, and my arm going to my cooch via my buttcrack (IE it was coming in from behind my body) and STILL couldn't get a good shave on the labia.

C.) Will it honestly HURT something if I shave opposite the grain of growth, if I'm stretching the skin taut while I do it? If I don't, it leaves like 1/8" hairs everywhere that are just NOT what I'm going for here >_<

D.) Tips? Tricks? How to avoid the itchies when it starts to grow back? How to stop the damned bleeding when you cut yourself? How to AVOID cutting yourself, especially on those scary soft membranous parts that I am deathly afraid I'll slice open??

Thanks in advance!!!!


Thanks everyone! I used a few of the tips you've given me to finish the job today, and I think I'll be buying a few new things for next time...some kind of oil, a razor with fewer blades (using a five-blade one now and boy does it ever REALLY clog!), pulled everything as tight as I could, and used my regular shaving gel this time around but I plan to try a few of the other suggestions. OH and I put my dove fragrance-free (NOT unscented, it's scented...) deodorant on afterwards. No idea yet if that will help with second-day itchies, but it sure does feel NICE right now!!

Regarding the Lush products: they have very very few that don't list fragrance, and those don't look "appetizing" to me. Unfortunately, I only know that I am allergic to 80% of artificial fragrances, so if something lists fragrance I pretty much have to avoid it no matter what *sadface*

Regarding sitting in the tub: between the tiny size of my tub, the complete lack of a ledge on the wall-side, and my long long legs, I don't think shaving in the tub is ever going to be doable for me *another sadface* When I shaved before, it was at college where we had awesome shower stalls with a shelf at about my hip height, and I would put one foot up on that which pulled EVERYTHING nice and tight...now I have just the rim of the bathtub to put it on, which sucks SO bad.

Again, thanks! I appreciate all the help...now it looks like it's time to get out the card and buy some new products online! :D
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