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stupid question about urethra/clitoris? just HAD to make sure :'(

I'd never thought about looking into my vagina until maybe several months ago (never occurred to me to check it out - I pee from it, I wash it in the shower, that's pretty much there's all to it). Anyway I did the Charlotte from Sex in the City thing and got a mirror, spread my legs, and checked out the situation. The thing is, after looking at countless images of the vagina anatomy, I can't find my clitoris and clitoral hood! It sounds crazy, but could it be possible that I'm MISSING a clitoris? I don't have anything that looks like it, just a urethra that seems to be HELLA sticking out. Ugh, I'm sorry if my ignorance is giving anyone a headache. At first I thought that I just had a long clitoris that stuck out, but pee comes out of it, so it MUST be my urethra. There's no "hood" covering it, and it doesn't look like a little round thingy. When I open up my vulva, I see the opening orifice of the vagina (where the penis would be inserted) and just a urethra above it. It really sticks out like no other urethra I've seen. please help!
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