mprfctn (mprfctn) wrote in vaginapagina,

clots/bleeding while not on period

i think i can ask this here, please calm my nerves (:

i should first say i'm on birth control (ocella), don't know if that adds to the equation, but i think it might

i'm not expecting my period for another week or week and a half and my last was "normal" (you know, by my own standards). So the week after my last period i feel that "you just passed a clot" feeling down there. i thought it was not possible, but decide to look and OH HEY... there it was when i looked. no blood, just one pretty good sized clot. weirded me out.

then today i just got up to go to the bathroom to pee and (didn't feel a thing down there) my underoos had an ample amount of blood on there... but when i wiped... there was none.

is my birth control screwing with me? WHAT IS GOING ON, i have had pretty normal periods before starting birth control... and in the year-and-a-half since starting.

has anything like this happened to you before? is there something i can do?
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