Jamie (lionheartedgirl) wrote in vaginapagina,


Hiya VP! I have a question about my husband and his bits. I reallllly enjoy having sex with him, really really. I somehow remember him being able to go longer than 3 minutes but I might be off. I know that for a while (since mid july/august) know we've not been able to do anything rough, or fast, because he finishes quick. I'm talking like, in in in in, finish (this is EVERY single position we try, too). And if I've given him head or a handjob before that? Forget it, it's like he gets inside me and instantly has to finish. I love him, I love having sex with him. But considering his sex drive has been/is low (we used to have sex like 3 times a day.. and it just stopped) and now we only have sex like every other day and if he finishes he doesn't want to have sex again till tomorrow and I'm left unsatisfied.. which really isn't a big deal but it kind of sucks because I feel like I'm just giving him is, and then getting nothing in return. He doesn't really like going down on me, and it's like it kills him to use a vibrator/his hand on me. All of his reluctance makes me feel unwanted and just kind of.. bleh in general. It's starting to bother me.. a lot.
Soo.. I was wondering if there was any way to desenstize him? We've tried using condoms and they don't help... and as for the other problem, well I don't know. My guess is the weight he's gained has been effecting his sex drive but it could be any number of reasons and to be blunt I've given up trying to figure it out.
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