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Hello VP, please help

I noticed the outside of my vagina (outer skins) and entrance is a bit red and one lip is a little swollen (sometimes when I have too much sex, I get irritated down there) I think.

I have some anti-inflammatory cream (from the doctor) and I applied it to the outside skin. As I was applying it, I felt some bumps on one of the lips. There are only three and they are very small. There little or no pain. Nothing is itchy. Just two bumps and the area is reddish-pinkish. I've also been having menstrual pains but my period won't come til next week. I read that pressure under the stomach was a symptom but it feels like menstrual cramping (plus I've been having mad gas... hello pressure)

I've been tested at the end of August and looked at for genital herpes and was negative. I'm with the same guy (and I know he's not sleeping around) but I still get paranoia since I've taken notice to things down there lately. But I know you can still catch GH even if they seem to have no symptoms. I have done oral sex since August and have not had a herpes outbreak on or in my mouth.

I included a picture also... I saw someone else do that and thought it was a good idea.... I apologize if it not so pretty... I took these with my iPhone and it was hard not to make anyone go ew... And it's a bit shiny from the cream..


username: vp
password: vagina

You'll be asked to fill these in.

Please help me VP... I'm worried! It could be many things like warts, irritation bumps, or GH. I was just at my doctor getting test results for UTI and HIV (both negative) and now I can't go until Friday morning...
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