Jesy (draiochta_faol) wrote in vaginapagina,

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Pain During Ovulation

So, I read through the tags and they were helpful, but now I have a quick question.

So, I have some pretty decent cramping. I knew I was ovulating, so I figured the pain wouldn't last too long. I was kind of surprised to feel myself ovulating (on both sides), as I have not felt myself ovulate in years, especially not as long or as painful as this has been. But, now I'm done ovulating, on day 18 (almost 19) of my cycle and I am still feeling SO yucky from being crampy.

For those of you who have experienced pain during ovulation, how long did it last? For reference, I have been TTC my second child for 4.5 months and I am trying not to psyche myself out about the pain.
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