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A New Gallery of Everyday Faces

Hi, all. Thanks to a recent post from one of our members, we've discovered that the Everyday Faces gallery is no longer with us. Because that project was started by a community member rather than a maintainer, we do not have any way to reactivate the account.

Which means, the easiest way to get us some Everyday Faces is to start a new incarnation of the project. In that spirit, we'd like to request photos of current superstars' makeup-free faces. If you'd like to be involved, send your pic to everydaybodies@vaginapagina.com.

To give some explanation and credit where it's due, the original idea for Everyday Faces started here. Its purpose is very much akin to the purpose of other facets of the Everyday Bodies Project -- to provide a source where VP Superstars can view female bodies in their natural form and in a forum that's free from judgment.

A little more info for folks who'd like it:

What the heck is the Everyday Bodies Project?
+ This revolutionary project is meant to provide a source where VP Superstars can view the female body in her natural form--an unheard of concept in the online world. For more information, take a gander at the original Everyday Bodies Project and posts from the current Everyday Bodies Project!.

How can I get involved?
+ The Everyday Bodies Project would not exist without submissions from you, our rockin' VP members. Feel free to send photo submissions to everydaybodies@vaginapagina.com. Please note that pictures may be cropped for space purposes. If possible, please take your shots vertically instead of horizontally--drop us a line if this does not make sense to you. Your picture(s) will be kept entirely anonymous.
+ Due to LiveJournal's Terms of Service, we do ask that all submitters are over the age of 18. In order to verify this to the best of our ability, please be sure to submit your email address and LJ user name with your pictures, and please have your date of birth listed in your LJ profile.

Lastly, this project is intended to help empower our members. Please check out this post about singling out pictures for praise before you comment. Thanks!!
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