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No orgasm, broken hymen, and weird cum. Huhh?

So, i've had a few anon. posts on here, but this time I have multiple questions and decided to make an account to ask, since you guys were quite helpful for my other ones :]

1. Well... let's see here. I'm just about 18 and lost my virginity about a month ago, well a month ago today to be exact. haha. And since then my boyfriend and I have had sex about  7ish times, and my/our problem is...i'm not having an orgasm! Ugh. Now, i've been masturbating since I was ohhh probally 12-13 and have neverrrrrrrrr had a problem with having an orgasm - up un till maybe a couple days before I lost my virginity actually. I'd masturbate about 1-3 times a week except for about two months ago I went through like a two week time span where I was doing it like twice a day or whatnot. But now without having an orgasm, it's just not fun, i'll start and get frustrated by not being able to and then stop. About two weeks ago I finally had an orgasm from touching myself, but it took like half an hour, and that's realllllly long for me. While it still feels good, at a point it's almost like a lose feeling. I can feel him inside n stuff, but it's like the sensation is lost? I don't know what to do! My boyfriend think's it's all him and that he can't 'please' me, and I try to tell him that it's not him and sex is still fun and still feels good, but he wont listen. And i'm even starting to get frustrated by it.- I thought about it maybe being my medicine (effexor, and anti depressant), but i've never had a problem with it before, just all of a sudden. I feel like I over masturbated myself and desensitized my bits haha.

2. My second hymen. It didn't break the first time or the third and so on and so forth. But on Saturday when we had sex, it was a little idk, harder/rougher than the times before, and i'm pretty sure it's broke now. My vag hole area was sore after, and the next day, so I went into the bathroom, looked at it in a mirror and it looked torn. I wiped and there was some blood then some blood started coming out of the hole, and I had just got off my period so I didn't know if it was from my hymen or my period. But, now it's Monday and it's still pretty sore... so I looked at it this morning and there was stuff on my hymen, I touched it and i looked at it...i'm pretty sure it's little pieces of skin! ew! Is this normal? Is it just breaking away n stuff? Also about it not breaking the first time..does this happen a lot? My friend lost her virginity the other week and there was blood allllll over, I didn't bleed at all. What's 'normal'?

3. My thirddd question is about my boyfriends cum, I figured it'd be okay to ask here. So when I give him a blowjob, he usually just cums like off to the side on my blankets or whatever hah. Because he doesn't want to in my mouth, and for this problem i'm kinda glad he doesn't want to. So, the other day when he did it, he was looking at it and I went to look at it too, and then he showed me these like worm like things in his cum. It looks as if it's just cum that is like hardened and in a worm shape from coming out of the hole. He said he was freaked out and looked it up and that it was normal, but I thought i'd ask here...any input?

P.s this is my first time using a lj account so if something is wrong with this post, or it's too long - should need a cut? i'm sorry.

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