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HSV false negative? Lip pimples or cold sores?

Hello everyone!

So recently I decided to get a full STI screening that included an HSV blood test. At the PP they drew blood and called me a week later and told me the results were negative. Now, I am fairly certain I get cold sores around my mouth and I actually developed one the day after I got blood drawn. Could this have affected the test in anyway? I went there a few months before and a different nurse told me I had what looked like a cold sore since I also had the classic tingling feeling that accompanied it. For my most recent one I took a weeks dose of Acyclovir (that ended this past Wednesday) and it cleared up. However, I'm confused now because I tend to get whiteheads that get irritated and form into pimples that fill with puss/liquid and kind of scab over around my mouth as well. I get these all over my face but they concentrate around my nose, lips and chin. Could it be what I think (and that first nurse) are cold sores are actually just whiteheads? Should I assume the test is correct or that it read a false negative?

Also, is it possible to just get a pimple on your lip? I went out last night, came home and passed out without taking off any make up. I woke up this morning and took out a mirror to look at my contacts (bad, I know) and happened to see a white bump on the actual pink of my lip. I stretched my lip and it sort of popped on its own with a clear liquid. This has never happened to me on my actual lip. My lips were chapped from leaving lipstick on over night so I put on some chap stick. If I look in the mirror at a certain angle I can see a small bump where it was but there is no crusting as far as I can tell. Is it possible this is just a pimple or should I assume its a cold sore and start applying some Abreva? There's no sort of tingling or anything. However, I do what I think is a whitehead that is sensitive about a centimeter away from it on the edge of my lip, not on the pink of it.

Thanks for any help!

Edit: It almost looks like there's a small hole (that's the best description I can come up with) where the white bump was. It's SUPER small and maybe the size of the tip of a pencil. Still no crusting or anything.
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