Brianna (complexfiend) wrote in vaginapagina,

iuds & teens

 I've been thinking about going on birth control for a while, and I'm very much against putting hormones in my body. I know that they're mostly safe, but I'm just very wary about it. I have extremely bearable periods (only last 3-5 days, minimal cramping, I use a menstrual cup, etc) and don't feel the need to use something that will mess with them. I like my periods, I want to keep them that way. Now, I've wanted to get an IUD for some time now, but I know that some doctors don't want to insert them into young people because of fertility and such. I don't want children. Ever. I don't LIKE children. If I were to ever change my mind about children, I would adopt anyway (for personal beliefs). Are there any doctors who would be willing to insert an IUD for me? I know this is a long shot because I'm only sixteen, but... I really want to know. I want to be on birth control, but I don't want the hormones in my body. What are my other options if there aren't doctors who will do this for me? Using only condoms isn't an option for me as I feel extremely unsafe that way.

EDIT; thank you to everyone who replied! I very much appreciate the feedback. I'll be talking to my mother about scheduling an appointment.
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