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Male Sex-drive Psychology Question

Aunt Flo is visiting me this week, and my husband, being the wonderfully virile guy that he is, has opted to perform the one handed tango daily until things clear up. I've never minded his overactive sex drive (I enjoy it 24 days out of the month), but he has constantly rebuffed my offers to "assist" which disappoints me a little bit. Maybe he wants some alone time, hearkening back to pre-marital bachelor days? Or maybe he feels guilty about me not being able to enjoy it?

Is there anything I should be doing to encourage him? He's squicked out by the thought of vaginal sex during my period, and I am too, so that's out.

(On the other hand, I'd much rather he enjoy the alone-time at home than seek out the company of other ladies. For this I suppose I should be grateful.)
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