estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

White blood cells/protein in urine

So I posted before Christmas about a possible UTI - I had some mild stinging and eventually convinced myself that the pain in my lower back was my kidneys, so I went to the nurse to get my pee tested. She said there were white blood cells and put me on antibiotics - however, the tests in the lab showed nothing. I had to go to my doctor at home for a different matter, and they offered to test my urine while I was there - the dipstick showed nothing at all. My pee was super diluted as I'd been drinking so much water, but they say if I had a kidney infection or anything serious, it would have shown up. I went back today just to check that everything was normal, but the dipstick showed protein and white blood cells. The nurse said she'd send it off to the lab but that it wasn't abnormal for people to sometimes have white blood cells in their urine and if there are no symptoms and no infection found, there's no need to worry. So if this sample comes back negative, should I just stop worrying about it?
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