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brief thanks

hey all,
I just wanted to say thankyou to this community in general. I've been feeling really anxious lately, about a few things I won't go into in much detail. One of the main things at the moment is my body image, which I thought I wass doing ok with until my well-meaning father decided to step in and push me to lose weight. Which, yes, I need to do, but I will do it on my terms, not his. And I dont need to lose as much as he thinks I do.

Anyway, my point is that thinking about this brought on a whole heap of negative thoughts, about myself and how I feel, about how I've dealt with myself this past year and also about a pretty bad relationship I used to be in and (annoyingly) haven't fully recovered from yet... and so I went back through the archives here. there was so much love and support, and so many people caring about others here. I dont even need to post some of my concerns because guess what? other people have them too. And all of you have given reassurances and help.

so I guess this is my late night, slightly tipsy and tearful thanks to everyone here. For being the supportive community of people that you are :D
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