jameelah (jameelah) wrote in vaginapagina,

Stopping a period and itch...

Where to start? I am currently 2 weeks into my period and there seems to be no end in sight. Sure, it had been 9 weeks since my last bleed (which was from a D&C for a molar pregnancy), so I expected it to be a bit different and perhaps a bit longer, but seriously I've had enough now. I've heard of things like Parsley for inducing periods, is there anything natural to make one stop!?  I am on Depo by the way, still have a few weeks left before the next shot is due.

Also, any ideas on an itching/soreness I have? It's currently on the inside of my labia minora. It looks red and bumpy. The exact thing happened last time I bled after the D&C about 14 days into it, just like this time. Last time it developed into the most extreme itch I've ever experienced and also spread to the entire inside of my vagina. I'm wondering if it's a hormone thing or if it's a change in the blood that I'm reacting to. I saw my doctor last time, but by the time I could get in to see her the worst of it was over and she had no idea of what it could be. These two times are the only times I've experienced anything like this. I use cloth pads, but I use them even when I'm not on my period so that can't be it (also, the fact that it's inside doesn't point to that being the cause). I wasn't using anything other than pads after the D&C either. No signs of a YI either, although I did get one last time, but that was only after all the skin from inside my vagina peeled off after the itching episode was pretty much over for a few days. I'm baffled, so any ideas would be appreciated. 
Oh, something of note, back when I used disposable pads I used to get a rash on my labia majora near the end of my period which I always put down to the disposable pads, but now I am kind of thinking it sort of fits in with the idea of hormones or reacting to the blood...
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