ʇɐɯoʇnɐ (automat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Three periods in 40 days.

Hello, first time posting here.

So usually my period is very consistent and on schedule (last few days of the month and sometimes going into the first few days of the following month). I started my period November 28 and lasted about 5 days - nothing unusual.

But then I got my period around December 12th (give or take a few days) which was right before finals week started so I figured I might of been a little stressed out from that which induced a period.

Today (January 5th) I started my period again.
so I'm trying to figure out why I've had three periods in a short amount of time.  At the moment I'm not any more stressed out than usual.  I don't think my diet has changed much - maybe I might be eating a little more because of the holidays. but I don't really think I'm eating that much more than I usually do.

So I'm thinking stress most likely caused this (even though when I've been more stressed out in the past I didn't have more periods than usual), but it wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion.
Are there any other things that can cause more frequent periods like this? and should I be worried?

some info about me: I'm 21 years old, not sexually active (so that rules out pregnancy/miscarriage), and not on any birth control.

Thanks in advance.
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