inmycrease (inmycrease) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sudden Lack of Trust in BC

I've been on Nuva Ring for almost a year and have loved it and have learned to trust it. With my partner I rely on the nuva alone and we dont use condoms.I leave it in all the time during sex and have adapted really well to it. I've always thought to be at the point in my life that if a baby came along ... it would be manageable, but not ideal as of right now.
Well I could say those WERE my thoughts. The other day my friend had a baby and I was with her through the labor, delivery and now staying to help her care for the infant. Needless to say I have become extremely gun shy about having children of my own now and know that right now is NOT the right time for a baby.

Has anybody else had similar experiences to make them suddenly lose trust in their birth control? I really want to add condoms to the routine but dont know how to go about it. I am in a longterm relationship with my boyfriend who is amazing. We have talked about our plan of action in case we get pregnant and are pretty open about talking and stuff.  I have been his only partner and we've never used condoms before. He is my second parner and I have used condoms before him.  I'm afraid that my fear of getting pregant is going to negativly impact our relationship. Any advice on how to go about the condom conversation with him? I'm afraid that it will be a huge adjustment for him... any advice about how to smoothly transition from condomless sex to sex with a condom?
Thanks so much.
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