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Painful sex update #17

[Back story: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16]

The Protopic seems to have gotten rid of the redness and most of the visible inflammation, but she still hurts about as much as before. She saw Dr Eschenbach today and he's kind of mystified, which isn't really good... My GF was frustrated of course and asked how he's sure he's not just treating a symptom. Dr E went into some detail about how yeast could still be the cause. They check her for yeast at every appointment, as I guess it's pretty common to have VV issues from yeast infections. She hasn't had an infection in 5 years or so, but maybe he said her body is reacting to a lower level of yeast than the average body, and prehaps a lower level than even the tests would spot.
So to test that theory, this week she's on Fluconazole 200mg (3 doses- 1 dose taken every 3rd day), stopped the Protopic for now and is supposed to use Lamisil or Lotrimin topically 2x/day. She also had an injection today which I mentioned as a possibility in the last post (update 16). She reports it hurt a decent amount to insert the needle but then the steroid stuff going in didn't really feel worse than the regular burning she's gotten used to feeling there. Poor baby...
What else... I didn't update you guys about the last appointment, it was all of 2 minutes long and was just a checkup to see if the Protopic was working yet.
Also someone mentioned in the last post that a labral hip tear can be related... funny enough, my GF's hip started acting up in the past couple months. It was getting better on its own, but she still went and had an xray just to make sure it's unrelated... Not a labral tear, which apparently wouldn't heal on its own anyway, just a stretch of some ligament, the Iliofemoral I think. Funny timing though.
Next appointment is in 10 days to get another steroid shot and find out about the yeast treatments. Thanks again in advance for all of your support and love.
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