Erin (natane) wrote in vaginapagina,

this angers me, and i don't know if it should.

i'm in my first year of college. i just came back from break yesterday and noticed that a new bulletin board display had been put up.

it's "princess themed" and full of pictures of disney princesses along with the "princess-like" things to do in various catagories. this is enough for me as a woman to feel just a teensy weensy bit talked down to.

the best parts:
"all princesses, even those who are naturally thin, exercise 3-4 times a week."
something about the phrasing comes across as weightist to me.

"princesses always dispose of their feminine products properly and discreetly."
i have nothing but WTF for this. yes, dispose of your tampons 'discreetly', nobody wants to acknowledge those icky vaginas. WTFFFF.

"while princesses know how to have fun, they know the best relationships are monogamous."
this just doesn't sound quite right to me...

there's also something about how princesses know that birth control and protection are their responsibility, but i didn't copy it down. i'd like to think that responsibility belongs to both partners.

am i taking this too seriously, or is this... well... kinda offensive?

ETA: there have been no issues with tampons or pads being left in bathrooms - i haven't seen a one since the start of the academic year.
(there's also signs on the back of every bathroom stall door asking us to dispose of them in trash cans or flush them. reiteration seems unnecessary.)

ETA x2: this should link to photos of the board. tell me if it doesn't.
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