Hannah (ハナ) (these_days) wrote in vaginapagina,
Hannah (ハナ)

cold sore

Hey all, I checked the tags and couldn't find the answer so I thought I'd ask away.

I've been getting cold sore since I was a kid and since I became sexually active pretty much avoid kissing/oral sex while I have a visible sore.

Occasionally if I get a real nasty big one(usually when I have a bad flu) the scab will heal except the area will leave a red mark (like a scar) which will last for ages before returning to it's natural color. This happened only once before. It's not oozing or tingling like the sore, it's just red and the skin is a bit rough.
There is no blistering.
Now I have a sore that formed on the 24th and by the 26th the scabbed formed and flaked off on the 28th. Now all that is left is a red scar on my lip. I may be meeting my s/o tomorrow and haven't gotten any in like a month. We love making out and I love going down on him but I want to know if the scar still counts as having an outbreak and that I still am very contagious? I looked online and most of the web sites I found said that the mark was just a scar and the sore itself has healed.

If there is still a high risk I'll just tell him we can't kiss and I can't give him oral sex.
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