fortuna minor (fortunaminor) wrote in vaginapagina,
fortuna minor

Growths between rectum and vagina?

Dearest vaginapagina members, I really need your advice here.

Over the past two years I've had a small, hard growth at the rear of my vaginal canal up towards my cervix. It's always been about the size of a pea, though in the past few months I'd say it's gotten harder and a little bigger. I now have another smaller growth more towards the opening of my vagina, though still BEHIND the vaginal canal and not inside it. Both are closer to my left leg and almost feel like they're attached to each other, and they hurt if I apply pressure. I also have some little polyps around the opening to my cervix.

What could these growths possibly be? The last time I asked a doctor to try and figure out what they could be that doctor ignored me. I'm now making an appointment with a gyno so I can get some answers, but I'm frightened because I've been with someone in the past two years who was unfaithful to me and could have brought an STD into our fooling around that I'm now showing symptoms of. The growths do impact my bowel movements in terms of shape (there's always two indentations, about the same size and distance apart as the growths I feel).

How can I get my gyno to take me seriously enough to figure out what these could be?
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