lolaaaaaa (lolaaaaaa) wrote in vaginapagina,

Me again..

Thanks for all your support I've never felt so accepted in my life. So many people that didn't know me being so great to me and not judging me has really opened my eyes, thank you all so, so much. I went to the clinic this morning and had a blood test to confirm, and yeah, I am pregnant. I'm going to planned parenthood tommorow, to see my options, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to terminate the pregnancy.

I've done some research, but I can't really find anything about where I'd get it done. A health website says that it's covered in my province, but there are no clinics here and they'll pay for you to go to one in another province. I really don't have time to leave the province, due to the move and all, and I need it done within the month because I'm moving home on the 25th, and I don't want anyone to find out about this. Do they do it in hospitals, or planned parenthood? Can I get the medical abortion tommorow, or will I have to wait?

Also, I haven't been on Birth Control for over a year, and even though, I know I won't be having sex for a long, long time I want to be safe, the only reason I went off it was because it was making me gain weight like crazy. I was going to try a new perscription, but my boyriend and I had broken up and I decided I didn't really need it anymore, then we got back together 3 months later and we'd just been using condoms. I wanted reviews on Mirena if anyone knew anything about it.
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