damnedemily (damnedemily) wrote in vaginapagina,

double period?!

So, I'm having a weird issue with my period...

I had my period in Dec, ended on the 20th, few days later I got some really mild spotting, which continued on and off until today, my period just kind of started again in earnest. The bleeding is a bit heavier and my uterus and surrounding area feels kind of sore exactly like it does whenever I have a normal period.

I've had something like this happen once before, minus the spotting, but about 10 years ago, when I was 15-ish. My period just kind of happened again a week after it ended. Then, I chalked it up to being under an insane amount of stress, but nothing is out of the ordinary now, I'm fine.

I'm 26, healthy, no STIs, completely regular periods my whole life except for what I just mentioned. I was on HBC for a while in my late teens-early 20s but I'm not on any kind of birth control, hormonal or otherwise right now. I have a partner and we're monogamous.

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