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Discharge or something question? Help?

Hello everyone, I've been a lurker here for awhile now, and this is the time that I could use your help.
On New Years Eve, I decided to use the Today Sponge. (I feel like writing a review on it, if anybody is interested, lol)
So the boyfriend and I had sex, and he ejaculated in me a couple of times that night. The next morning when I took it out, it was bright yellow and smelt awful, but I figured this was the mix of me, the semen, and the spermicide all together. However, ever since then I've had this bright yellow discharge and it's heavy too. It dries hard and white though, and when it falls in the toilet it's clumpy? I'm sorry if this is tmi, but the more info, the more help right? I'm wondering if this will go away in a few days, if it's a reaction to the sponge and it's n-9 spermicide, his semen, or if it's actually an infection. There's no burning, no itching, no warts, just this weird discharge. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks ladies.
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