lolaaaaaa (lolaaaaaa) wrote in vaginapagina,

I need some serious help ladies:

My period was 4 days late, I started to freak. My boyfriend and I just broke up and are living together until the end of the month when we both move back home and planned to never see eachother again. Tonight, he bought a first respone test, the second line was very faint, but there.

What should I do? I really, really have no idea what I'm doing...I've never believed in abortion for myself, although I am pro choice, but I'm 18, nearly 19, have plans for my future, and they never involved a child this early in life. I don't want to do it, but I don't know how i'd tell my mother, or what I'd do with my life. I'm freaking out, it's 5 am, I've cried a million times in the past 6 hours. I'm catholic, I do believe life begins at conception. My father is going to be so happy he'll die, he told me last week he wants grandkids asap but I laughed and said don't look at me, but my mother...shes a whole different story, she has no idea I'd ever have sex before marriage and think I'm a good girl. She was there for my older sister who had a pregnancy scare around my age,(she turned out not to be though),and a few months ago when she had an std, and knows very well my engaged sister is very sexually active and seems to have no problem with it. I could never go back into my family church without feeling guilty if I got one, and even if I don't.

I just need some serious help, my morals and my plans for life are conflicting eachother so badly. I must sound like a total bible thumping idiot to most of you..
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