in_this_love (in_this_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

trusting HBC

I have a somewhat abstract question.

And how do you determine how effective it is?

I feel like we have a lot of questions on here that follow the same theme of: "i did this wrong, how bad is it, do i need to take plan B, use condoms, etc?" & then we each answer to the best of our ability, but it really is opinion.

I'm just wondering about the window of "perfect" or "normal" use. Let's say I take my pill at 5:30, no later than 6:30, EVER, but one night I take it at 8:30 or 9. Does this completely compromise my safety for the next 7 days? Or what if i forget all together, and take 2 the next day as instructed? Technically I should be protected, correct?

How do you decide?

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