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is my butt odd? (best subject line my fried brain can think of.)

i had anal new years` for the first time in almost... 2 months. there was almost no alcohol involved (a beer a few hours earlier) and almost no lube (a tablespoonful of some hand lotion we found). no preparation at all.
i hear people on this community all the time talk about how hard anal is for them, and that they have to do a lot of preparation and lube and it ends up hurting anyway and being totally unpleasurable.
and i`m starting to think that there`s something possibly wrong with me because it is always so easy to get it in (and i`ve not done it with a "small" guy) and i usually get off from it. like... that my anus is damaged or something... :[
i don`t usually have a problem holding it in when i need to poop, and i don`t feel like it`s odd or damaged from my own explorations, but i`m starting to wonder if i should maybe get it checked out? or is this normal?
my muscles everywhere else are far from flexible and i`m on any muscle relaxers or anything.

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