:o (leopard555) wrote in vaginapagina,

Birth control, rhythm method and lube questions

Hi everyone.. I'm not sure if I've ever posted before but I've certainly been reading and learning a lot from you guys, so thanks!!!

First off, I had a couple of questions about birth control:
1.) It says that it should be stored in an area that's from something like 68-77 degrees. What if you accidently stored it somewhere colder? (Like 40-50 degrees). Would this have any impact on its effectiveness? Or should I not worry about it?

2.) I've heard that birth control is most effective if you take it at the same time everyday. This might be getting kind of technical but does say a 30 minute difference between the times you take it decrease its effectiveness? I guess I'm wondering if you only get the maximum effectiveness if you are right on the minute everyday.

I was also wondering if anyone could better explain the Rhythm method to me. I am on BC and use condoms, but pregnancy is something I just do not want to deal with right now so I want to decrease the chance as much as possible. From what I understand, you can only get pregnant during ovulation, which tends to occur 10-17 days before your period. Since I've been on BC, my period has been very regular, pretty much down to the hour. So does this mean that if we were to have sex say, 5 days before my period I would not get pregnant even if we weren't using other protection (but we are)?

I think my last question is more opinion based, but do many people use lube during intercourse? I get very wet myself and we have only used lubricated condoms so far, but is there any reason/benefit to using extra lube?

I am really just starting to learn about all this stuff, so thanks for any input!!!
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