fullfathom05 (fullfathom05) wrote in vaginapagina,


Okay, I'm fairly used to having the occasional bump, ingrown hair, and whatnot as I shave down there regularly. But I'm kind of worried because I've had a pretty large swollen looking bump for around a week on my outer labia. Yesterday when I was in the shower, it emitted some pus. What is this?? I had been treating it with 1% cortisone and getting no results whatsoever, but I went to work on it with a strong antibiotic cream last night. It seems to have shrunk it down a little, but its still pretty huge. I highly doubt that this is an infection, but can ingrown hairs, pimples, etc. contain pus?? I'm considering upgrading to cortisone 2% because this is really starting to bug me...

Thanks in advance
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