mindydoesstuff (mindydoesstuff) wrote in vaginapagina,

How do I know if an infection is gone?

I posted a couple weeks ago about probably having BV, and treating it with hydrogen peroxide douching.

I never did ask though how to tell when the infection is truly gone.

After the greater part of a week of douching once per day, I got my period and did not douche during those 3 days (my periods appear to have shortened due to Implanon), then I think I douched either the day after or two days after. After that, I no longer noticed the strange discharge. I had trouble telling if the smell on my panties was because of urine mixing with discharge, or the discharge itself (I never liked the smell when I wore panties and as as result I usually don't wear any). The off-white discharge no longer appeared on my toilet paper when I wiped. I figured the infection was gone.

Last night I was masturbating for the first time since getting BV, and after I came I laid down for about half an hour. When I went to get up for water, I swiped my finger along my inner labia and the entrance to my vagina, and was left with discharge on my finger. It was milky, but not as white as the thick discharge I usually have with a healthy vagina, and the consistency of phlegm. I'm assuming that I did not clear myself of the bacteria the first time, and what was left had reproduced and came back.

I'm going to keep up with the hydrogen peroxide douches, but how do I know when it's fully gone?
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