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Detective Help Needed for Sex Pain

Hey VP-ers,
I have a bit of a mystery that I was wondering if ya'll could help me out with. I'm a regular here at VP and have been doing my research to no avail.

So... my problem is that I get really really sore after sex. Usually I dont notice it because we have sex before bed and I'm fine in the morning but lately we've been doing it in the afternoon and I've noticed the problem popping up pretty regularly. Sore is a pretty broad term so I'll try to be a bit more specific. It is sore like a dull aching type of pain opposed to sharp or throbbing pain. The pain is more external than internal and feels like the muscles surrounding the vaginal opening. I have a pretty high pain tolerance and this bothers me enough to make me take tylenol or advil. The only thing that works pretty well is applying an icepack to the general area. (Something I'd rather not do everytime!)
I was wondering... am I alone in this? Does anyone else have a similar sensation? Is this something I should consult the doctor about?Any advice or ideas to what it could be/ how to prevent it? Below are some more helpful hints... Thanks in advance for helping me solve my mystery!

I have no pain whatsoever during sex, I make sure that we are both properly lubricated and foreplay is a major part of our experience. I use non scented tampons/soap etc and self lubricate very well so I dont think it is that type of allergy. I am tested for STIs yearly and have had nothing come up so far,  I've been with two partners before and have felt the same discomfort with both. The pain occurs no matter which position we use. Neither partner is extreemly large.

I use nuvaring as hbc and leave it in during sex... however I felt this same discomfort when on depo shot. I do not use condoms with this partner and have considered it being a semen allergy? (except I heard that is more of a burning./ stinging sensation)
I have had both bv and a UTI before and know that they are two seperate pains than what I am experiencing right now.
The pain usually occurs anywhere from 25 mins to an hour after sex and will last 3-4 hours.

Thanks so much in advance. I really appreciate the help.
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