leedlekay (leedlekay) wrote in vaginapagina,

Question regarding Lutera and other meds effectiveness

Hi everyone! I have a quick question about some new medicines I was just prescribed to treat my migraine headaches. They are Elavil at night to prevent migraines and Fiorinal as needed. I talked to a pharmacist about whether or not they would effect the birth control that I am on (Lutera) and she said that they would not reduce the effectiveness of my birth control as a contraceptive. I trust that she knows what she is doing but I'm at home now reading the paperwork that comes with the pills and it says that the medicine (Fiorinal) may decrease the effectiveness of birth control. So what gives? I'm confused, should I believe what is on paper or believe what the pharmacist told me?
My migraines are bad and I would like to be able to take this new prescription but I do not want to compromise my protection.
Thanks in advance!
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