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Thar be TMI in these waters

So my period ended a few days ago, perhaps the 27th or so, and since then, things in my vag region have been just not quite right. A list of symptoms:

- Oh holy jesus it itches!
- It's slightly hard, though not painful, to pee.
- I've had a lot of milky discharge that stains my undies. It's not chunky, but it's crustier than usual when dry.
- The whole region smells off. If it weren't me, I'd not think it was abnormal, but I have never smelled like that. It just smells tangier than usual, not bready or beery or fishy or meaty or even just bad.

Also, I haven't had sex since at least the 23rd (and probably even before that, actually), and both me and my boy are absolutely monogamous (and he's basically not been out of my sight in six months), so it's definitely not an STI.

I would just go to the doctor and get checked out, but I am without insurance, and too broke to afford the copay even if I was insured, not to mention any prescription the doc might give me.
I'm thinking I'll just get some boric acid, since it seems that'll take care of just about anything I've got, but I would like to know what you guys think it is -- after all, garlic and yogurt are somewhat easier to get your hands on! Actually, on that note, if anyone knows a good place to get boric acid near Hartford, CT, I would be most grateful to know.

Thanks, everyone! Happy New Year!
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