calyxia (calyxia) wrote in vaginapagina,

sex related injuries

Forgive me if this a question to which there's an obvious answer, but I was wondering. If a woman is raped (or has even consensual very forceful sex), and sustains the kinds of injuries that cause massive bleeding, what is it that's doing the bleeding? I can understand the vaginal tear issue, but does it actually make your cervix/uterus bleed? Even if you don't have endometrial lining? Also, I read in a book a million years ago (it was a Grisham novel) where one character was a 10yearoldish girl who was violently raped, and almost died (I guess from bleeding?) and the doctors in the book said she'd never be able to have kids because of it. Is this because the immature reproductive organs were so damaged? Could a terrible experience like that on a grown woman cause the same thing?

Probably a strange question to ask, but I wondered. Thanks for your input.
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