waterblaster (waterblaster) wrote in vaginapagina,

Oral sex sweeteners

Just wondering... So people say that eating fruits, especially pineapples, can make you taste sweeter, thus probably making oral sex more enjoyable. (I say "probably" 'cause I haven't tried it yet; haven't received it, haven't given it. But I'm pretty sure you can cross that "probably" out of the sentence...) Anyway, I was just wondering: how long before having said sex should you have eaten the "sweeteners"?

Oh, and other than pineapples: any other suggestions that can have the same sweetening effect? I myself love pineapples, so it won't be any problem incorporating them into my diet, but I'd like to have a wider variety of options... I know alcohol, caffeine and asparagus are big no-nos.

Thanks in advance, as always.
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