Shying Violette (violette_haze) wrote in vaginapagina,
Shying Violette

Itchy rash-like bumps. And how to get rid of them?!

Hello VP'ers. I am having lady-part woes. About a week ago, my labia area started itching. I scratched (bad, bad idea) and irritated it more. Then decided maybe shaving would help and am now noticing that I have rash-like bumps and redness all over my labia/inner thighs. I don't know if the bumps are related to shaving or the itching, but here are some facts:

-Am on NuvaRing
-Had unprotected sex 3 months ago
-Have some whitish/slightly yellow discharge
-Took my NuvaRing out tonight and there was thicker white discharge on the ring
-Vagina started itching while I was on a cruise (this is probably completely unrelated, but who knows?!)

Anyway, I am hoping this is just irritation from shaving/soap/the scratching/etc. and that it will clear up by Saturday (when I plan to have sexy-time with my bf)... If it's just irritation, any tips to make it go away faster? Or could it be something else?
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