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first post

I checked the memories, and they answered my first question but now I have more. lol

has any one had any experience with nature's bounty probiotic acidophilus capsules for digestive health for treating yeast infections?

if so, how long do I take them and how far up do they go when inserted vaginally?

one more,
if taken by mouth by a male,
would it clear up a light infection? and how long should he take them?
or would just the creams work?

um, I should also probably mention that I've had this one yeast infection for like 5 or 6 years. @_@
I've tried to treat it, but the over the counter stuff doesn't work
(it dried me out REALLY bad and made my inner vagina(lol) all irritated)
and I tried the stuff the gynos give you but was only able to take one pill of the  6 month medication she gave me
(though, I think it was for mult. yeast infections not just one I've had forever and ever) so I figured to try those pills and maybe douching with the duluded apple cider vinigar stuff I found in the memories.

sorry I know real little about this stuff. @_@
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