syntheticklust (syntheticklust) wrote in vaginapagina,

Provera Question?

So my periods have been way off since having my son almost 14 months ago. They just never seem to come on time. My shortest cycle was 14 days and my longest has been 65 days. So I finally made an appointment with my GYN. She said that they could be off due to stress from having a baby but still wanted to check me for PCOS.

So here is my question. For those of you who have taken Provera How long did it take you to get your period on it? Problem is that my GYN office only does Ultrasounds ( that are non OB ) on Wednesdays and she said that I had to be 3-5 days into my cycle. I am trying to figure out when to take it. They rushed me out of the office before I could ask. The nurse said to take it now  and the pharmasist ( who was a guy and didn't know much ) said to start tomorrow. Should I got with the nurses advice and take it now or wait a day or two? My biggest fear is that my period is going to start right away.

I am scared to death of being diagnosed with PCOS.
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