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Hey everyone,

I've got some questions about BV. I've been using a menstrual cup for almost a year now and I love it. But I THINK I may have noticed some changes in my vagina, though I can't be sure, since I don't really keep a journal about these things and I can be a little paranoid about my sexual health. FWIW, I'm on the pill and in a monogamous relationship.

Anyway, occasionally I'll have a significant amount of discharge. Like yesterday, the crotch of my black underwear was significantly stained white. One time a few months ago, I was standing in the kitchen and felt a "PLOP" down the side of my leg (ick). It's always white/clear - never yellow or green - and many other times my discharge seems pretty normal in its quantity. As far as smell - sometimes my vagina smells a little "fishier" and sometimes it smells like garlic - but never is it a strong smell. I notice it on my hands after using the Diva cup or after masturbating. With BV related odor - is it like, a smell that bowls you over? I've had some periods of irritation (towards the end of my period I often get irritation in my vag/vulva if I'm not careful about avoiding soap when using the Diva Cup), but it always goes away and generally, day to day, I experience no irritation.

I guess the bottom line is that these symptoms are really intermittent and never really severe, but I was wondering nonetheless if this sounded like it could be BV. Anyone who's had BV - any insights?

Thanks a lot everyone! And Happy New Year. :)
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