abc_nono (abc_nono) wrote in vaginapagina,

crusty spot

hi, i've been reading this community for a long time and you guys have helped me so much! i've looked through the tags for info about this problem but i haven't quite found what i'm looking for. so hopefully you guys can help me out.

i've had a LOT of lady bits related problems and infections over the last couple of years. i've been diagnosed with BV about five different times and yeast infections on top of it. i seem to be very prone to not fun issues in that area. my latest problem is a little spot at the very top of my labia where my outer lips begin. i noticed it one morning a couple weeks when i got up. i felt itchy and looked in a mirror to see what was up. it looked like a scrape? like a bit of skin had been rubbed raw. and there was a small amount of blood. i thought it might be an abrasion from rough finger play or something. as time has passed though, it has developed a very tiny lump under the skin and is oozing some sort of white liquid because when i get up in the morning, there's this white crusty stuff caked to the top of my lips. not a lot but still, it's very strange. i can't see where it's coming from, it's not a clearly defined pimple with a head or anything. sometimes it feels like there's two bumps. it continues to itch.

i've been sexually active for about a month, always with a condom. my boyfriend and i got unknowingly carried away a few times when i wasn't lubricated enough and i did get hurt on those occasions. (don't worry, won't be doing that again! ;]) could this be related to that? i've tried putting antibiotic ointment and aquaphor on it, basically treating it like a cut and it hasn't improved at all. it still looks like a fresh scrape. does anyone have any idea what's up? my first thought is some kind of sti. my boyfriend hasn't been tested before and has had one sexual partner before me. but i haven't come across any symptoms of sti's that sound like this? i could be wrong though, tis why i'm here.

this is very long, i sure hope i covered everything, haha. thanks very much! :)
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