bbypants86 (bbypants86) wrote in vaginapagina,

Chance of pregnancy?

I was taking birth control for about 3 months but was advised I stop taking it because I smoke.  My period arrived Dec 17th, which was a normal flow.  (Actually may have lasted a little longer than usual.)

So, I'm concerned I could be pregnant because I had sex Dec 25th.  With a condom, of course.  But when my boyfriend finished,  part of the condom was hanging out from my vagina - the rim of it.  Bf says he felt his penis actually slip out of the condom when pulling out, which was already hanging from my vagina also.

I'm curious what my chances are the sperm could have leaked.  He showed me the condom which was not wet at the rim with his semen.  It was all collected at the tip.  I'm freaking too because I felt nauseated Saturday on.  Now my breasts are getting kinda sore and I feel crampy.  (Could I be ovulating?)

All help most appreciated!

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