Jo(ii) (joii) wrote in vaginapagina,

swollen gland? Momentarily alarming lump

So... I'm at my partners for the holiday week, and, as is probably fairly normal for such things when partners are living far enough from each other that visits are relatively infrequent (We're talking a week out of a month or thereabouts) we had a ton of sex on the 25th and 26th. By the end of the last session I was a little sore (think I had some minor subcutaneous damage from pressure to either side of the clitoral structure) which is normal and fine, but I noticed a lumpy thing, kinda like a lymph node, maybe the size of a small pearl onion and about that texture, to one side of that structure, kinda in/under the labia majora. It had disappeared 2 hours later when I went to poke at it, but it made me realize how incomplete sex ed is. I had fairly comprehensive sex ed, in high school and at church, but we never really covered the internal structures that aren't directly related to reproduction. I've known about uteri and fallopian tubes since I was a young'n but, apparently you learn new stuff every day. Yay, wiki.

My hypothesis is that the lump was the Skene's gland, which appears to work by filtering plasma from the blood, and that it was hard and swollen because there was a back log of filtered blood materials (platelets, leukocytes, that sort of thing) that hadn't been fed back into the blood stream.

Did anybody else know about this Skene's gland? How did you discover it existed? Am I the only one that's gotten this onion-lump thing? I'm mostly just stupid curious, and looking for a sense of what the 'common knowledge' is and some reassurance that I'm not a freak for not having known about this thing that's been in my body for 28 years.

chime on in, I'm v. v. curious.
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