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UTI Prevention

I get UTIs often enough that, when I switched insurance, they won't cover it anymore. Probably about 3-6 times per year, maybe more. So having to pay for treatment out of pocket gives me a little extra incentive to try to avoid them. I've heard pretty much everything (how to wipe, peeing after sex, staying hydrated, cranberry juice) and I thought I figured out what caused mine (prolonged or vigorous sex, especially with a condom) but apparently not, seeing as how I think I am getting another one, this time from less than five minutes of mild sex in the shower (after fully cleaning and rinsing off). I think I may have been developing mild symptoms before that though, so it could have just aggravated it.

Argh. Is there no way to keep this from happening? I'm self employed and highly budget conscious, and if I have to pay for a clinic visit and drugs multiple times a year, that will add up. I *can* do it, there is money put aside for medical expenses, but it's annoying to shell out all the money if I could just prevent it instead.
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