Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,


Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I've been having problems with sex for the past 2 years. It never wanted to work and caused me immense amounts of pain whenever I'd try. I researched and was considering vaginismus or something similar, but my gyno told me I was just "tighter" than a lot of people and I should try to get myself used to something by using..candles.

Anyway, I don't know how it happened, but it's working. One night my boyfriend wanted to try again, so we did, and after an initial amount of pain, it worked. For the first time in 2 years, he was able to get all the way inside me. Of course, it left me sore and hurting a bit because I wasn't used to it at all, but we've had sex ~10 other times since then and it's getting better. Last night I only had a tiny bit of pain at the initial penetration and everything else was perfect.

So woo, I'm not broken. I do have a question though--we've tried it in a few different positions, and my g-spot has been stimulated *too much* in every position we've tried besides missionary. I couldn't stand being on top (which I really was eager to try) because of how it was hitting my g-spot. It was wayyyy too sensitive. Is that normal..? Anyone else experience that? Are there positions (for beginners!) that we can try that might be a little more comfortable for me, for now?
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