Dirty Alien Secrets (aliensecret) wrote in vaginapagina,
Dirty Alien Secrets

my vag is full of goo, nuvaring review?

Last month I went off my birth control. Long story short, it was YAZ and I was sick of it dicking around & not working.

I've had sex a few times with my partner, but we always, always used a condom.

My question is, I'm noticing that my discharge is a lot more, for a lack of a better word "gooey" than before. Does this mean anything?

I'm also switching to NuvaRing. Is there anything I really need to be made aware of? (I'm thinking my gynecologist isn't as great as I thought: she said endrometrosis isn't genetic, but a post here just told me otherwise)

I did read the packaging, but I'm looking for, ah, user reviews.
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