ladibug21 (ladibug21) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lichen Sclerosis

I'm fairly new to this community (how did I go so long without joining?!) and I'm hoping that someone here is familiar with lichen sclerosis. With as many members as there are, it has to have come up at least once.

It started for me back in the spring of this year. I suspect I've had it much longer though as I've always had an itchy labia but only recently have parts of it turned white. The itchiness got extremely bad this spring and I got a little cut on my labia. (awful) Now I have pretty regular itchiness, the whiteness has improved but not gone away. My ND put me on steroids to control the extreme itching followed by estrace (estrogen) cream. The steroids worked but the estrace didn't do much at all. It may have improved the skin on my labia but not much else. Long term use of steroids isn't recommended so I've stopped. (under my ND's orders) I've read as much as possible about the condition but even most MDs/NDs (even some OBGYNs) don't know very much about the condition. Right now I'm using Emu Oil 2x a day because I heard it works great (my ND seconded the idea) and so far it's helping control some of the itching and healing my skin. I really wish there was a permanent cure. I also wish I knew WHY this was happening to me.

In general I'm very healthy. My only other major health complaint is very serious seasonal allergies. I know that LS tends to run in families and in those with other autoimmune diseases. Neither of those apply to me. I have lots of females in my family and none of them have it. Nor do I have an autoimmune diseases.

As I understand it right now my LS is pretty mild compared to what other women are going through but I worry it's getting/will get worse.

I'd appreciate any advice or knowledge.
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