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Even with no crime, there is punishment: The sexual double standard between men and women

I know this isn't a health issue, but I do think it is vagina related and I would very much like to have a rant.

It is SO unfair that guys can sleep around and as long as they aren't in a committed relationship, no-one bats an eyelid. "Boys will be boys", after all. HOWEVER, when a women decides that she wants to have herself some fulfilling casual sex, it all goes tits up.

I mean, I was always aware of a mythical double standard, but I was in a long term relationship with a guy to whom I lost my virginity. Now, it's the end of my first term of university and I am totally feeling it. I've been reading various articles about it and I can't help feeling trapped between my wants/desires and the expectations of my gender and totally helpless to do anything about it! ARGH! I guess I was naive to think that I could expect someone to respect me, just because they were willing to have sex with me, huh?

So, I'd kinda like to just talk about it, opinions, experiences, advice?




Thanks everyone, what's come up so far is really interesting. I think my main problem is I'm trying to have this groovy positive attitude a la vaginapagina, but my own emotions/perceptions/self esteem issues are getting in the way. I'm starting to think that maybe one guy acting like a douche was just one guy acting like a douche, rather than the result of something that was wrong with my behaviour...
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