scarsxnxstories (scarsxnxstories) wrote in vaginapagina,

Taking BC early

i see posts like this pretty often, and i know that taking the pill about an hour or so early doesn't mess up your protection level, but how can it affect spotting? i ask because i'm on Loestrin 24 Fe and this is the first month (knock on wood) that i haven't spotted during my active pills. i usually take my pill at 5:30 on the dot - even ten minutes later seems to cause me to spot. i can't take my pill at 5:30 today because i'm picking my boyfriend up from the airport - his plane comes in at 5:27 and you can bet we'll have hugs and luggage to pick up and all that jazz.

if i take my pill at say, 5pm, will it make me effectively "off" for my pill tomorrow and make spotting more likely? i realize that everyone is a bit different but i'd like to see what everyone else has experienced.

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