Dre (followreasoning) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period issue

So you all seem like a wise bunch, and I've been watching this community for months now. I never thought I'd have something to post myself but lo and behold here I am. I apologize if this was answered somewhere, but I can't seem to find anything about it in particular.

I've been on Tri Cylcen Lo on and off for about 2 years. The first year I wasn't sexually active and so it was mainly for irregular periods. I've been on and off it for about 7 months. I took it for 6 months regularly but this time I was sexually active and for the most part it has been really good and I never had an weird side effects. I took it religiously and had no problems with it. I stopped taking it for another 6 months. I am back again and I started my first pack Nov 29. I am on my placebos now and my period should be here on the 26th. I am pretty steady with a 32 day cycle. I've ha mild cramping this week which is normal for me, but I woke up this morning and I was surprised to see a really dark almost black looking blood. I'm super confused because I've never had breakthrough bleeding or, even blood this dark on my period. I've been told really dark blood is just old blood, but does that mean new blood is coming soon? I did have sex on 29th of Nov where my SO did ejaculate inside of me but I was on day 5 of my cycle and wasn't scheduled to ovulate till at least Dec 11/12. Should I be really paranoid right now? or is this a common thing?

Any advice would be really helpful =]
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